Style is our armor.

Armory unleashes women’s inner strength and confidence through personalized lifestyle and beauty consulting.

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Work it Girl!

Closet full with nothing to wear? Fear not! We will help you maximize your current wardrobe, identify any gaps, and help you prepare financially to invest in amazing new pieces or replace worn out items.

This package includes

- Two-hour closet clean-out.
- Identify wardrobe gaps and prioritize them.
- Developed budget to help achieve wardrobe goals.

Altar ego.

Just had a baby? Earning your Master’s Degree? Looking for a new job? Life changes can throw a pleasant--yet stressful--monkey wrench into life leaving you wondering ‘who am I’. We will analyze your lifestyle, authentic personality, and beautiful silhouette to deliver you a signature look that keeps you worshiping your altar ego.

This package includes

- Personality and lifestyle assessment.
- Personal fitting.
- Defined signature look.


Perhaps you already feel equipped to dress yourself but want a little advice on how to integrate a new trend, style your fav vintage piece, or maybe you just can’t seem to find the time to shop. Don’t worry we are here for you too, because the most amazing women never stop evolving.

This package includes

- One-hour style consultation.
- Personal shopping for specified items.

Our mission.

Armory unleashes women's inner strength and confidence through personal beauty and styling.

Armory provides personal styling, blow outs, and makeup application all in one place, saving ambitious women precious time and delivering that extra boost in confidence that enables them to feel their best and achieve their goals. Women around the country are changing policies, building businesses, and raising the next generation of leaders. We're their armor to go out and conquer the world.

Our piece.

Armory founder Megan Jantos is a mother, soldier, graduate student, and global citizen. She can be found in uniform one day and high heels the next. She’s been deployed to Iraq and Kuwait, got married in Denmark, and gave birth to a son in Germany.

She’s a true believer that women are powerful beings who can transition seamlessly through multiple roles in a single day, and are much too great to be defined by a single one. She dreamed of a safe haven where women could go to feel beautiful, connect with other powerful women, and leave with a renewed confidence to pursue their goals. This is where Armory was born - at the place where beauty, intelligence, and confidence collide to create a female force to be reckoned with.

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